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"Cheryl spoils Barley while we're away, finding all sorts of ways -- from long walks to games of fetch -- to keep that big grin on his face. We don't have to worry, knowing someone so responsible, who cares about Barley, is looking after him. If we're wondering how things are going at home, Cheryl sends us email updates and photos, so we know everything is all right. We appreciate the care she takes -- and Barley loves her." - Sarah B., Barley's Mom

"Cheryl goes above and beyond what is required of her for the benefit of our dogs. When Jack got sick, she called us to let us know how he was, kept him and his bed clean and followed-up with us after we returned to make sure he was doing better. Knowing that she is highly trained to care for animals is very helpful as a protective parent, so I didn't worry about her handling Molly after surgery, since she is experienced in animal care. We prefer her care over any other service we've used, and will continue to do so because of her extensive knowledge, flexible schedule and ultimately her sincere concern for animals."
- Ashley P., Jack's Mom

"Sydney and Abby are the world to my husband and me. Going out of town without them used to be very stressful. I have been very fortunate to have found Cheryl to babysitting them. Cheryl takes wonderful care of them and deals with little disasters that come up. Such was the case of the duck that wandered too close to Sydney and met its demise. Cheryl called animal control to remove the duck so it would not suffer anymore. She also took wonderful care of my plants and yard that needed watering. It is a comfort knowing everything is in good hands with her care. I will use Cheryl every time we go out of town because she is great with the dogs and genuinely cares about ALL animals. Cheryl goes to great lengths to make sure they are taken care of."
- Leslie B., Sydney and Abby's Mom

"We have two rescue dogs that have been through a lot in their lives and they have their challenges. Cheryl brings lots of understanding and love with her to our home and we feel very comfortable leaving them in her care. Even if we only need her occasionally, our dogs remember her and trust her. That makes all the difference for us!"
- Katie L., Rui and Ena's Mom

"I know my dogs are in excellent hands and getting great attention with Cheryl caring for them. Cheryl does extra things I really appreciate, such as taking photos of the dogs and sending email updates. It's nice that when I'm missing the dogs, I can open a picture and see them looking so happy or another time just read about how well they are doing. I also know that if anything was wrong, she'd let me know right away and handle it as needed. Cheryl's service is wonderful!"
- Steffany J., Izzy, Divot, Maxfli and Jessie's Mom

"I feel very comfortable leaving my three dogs in the care of Cheryl and her staff. One of my dogs is ultra sensitive and not trusting of others, but adores Cheryl and her staff. It's a great comfort knowing how much Cheryl and her team care about my dogs!"
- Kendra S., Wendell, Olivia and Leisl's Mom

"We went out of town over Thanksgiving weekend and were so pleased to leave our dogs in such good hands. I don't even think they missed us!" - Lauren A., Simba and Joule's Mom